Spa Journeys

Welcome to The Spa at Round Hill A Montego Bay Spa Experience Unlike Any Other

Tucked away on a short walk from Round Hill’s main beach, your Montego Bay spa experience begins with a breathtaking stroll along the water’s edge on a nature path rimmed with Jamaica's exotic greenery and the sounds of the water’s natural rhythm lapping the shoreline. Beautiful, naturally tumbled white rocks along the banks create an unforgettable, meditational sound that will prepare your mind for relaxation.

Following your time at the spa, we invite you to choose a stone of your choice and cast the white, pebbled stone into the warm Caribbean waters and silently make an intention. Each stone reflects positive energies - love, peace, prosperity, happiness – and by casting your stone, your stress and concerns will be washed away, allowing you to fully connect to your mind, body and soul with the inherent spirit of Jamaica.